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AAAA Moon Rock

  • THC: Too Much
  • CBD: <1%
  • Bud Grade: AAAA
  • Type: Hybrid
(14 customer reviews)

247 prides itself on the quality of our product. Each Moonrock is handcrafted with the highest quality products to create a unique experience unlike anyone else. Our moonrocks are made with the highest quality Hybrids strains and mixed with our lab tested pure 99% distillate and coated in the light, fluffy Kief from the highest quality Hybrid strains we can find. Our Moonrocks are bound to send you on a one-way trip to the moon. Get your moon rocks today before they are all gone.

Moon Rock Ratio:  1 Portion Flower : 1 Portion Distillate : 1 Portion Kief

Disclaimer: Unit is based on gram

Special Moon Rock Sales!!

Quantities Price per Gram
1-4 grams $30
5-9 grams  $25
10-27 grams $20
28 grams or more $15


If you purchase this product you will earn 3-42 Points!
If you purchase this product you will earn 3-42 Points!

14 reviews

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  1. kingbach

    Fly me to the moon like Frank Sinatra! Fuck me these hit you were it matters. Great job

  2. davepolicelli (verified owner)

    Really really strong stuff!!
    Bought 2 grams my last order and
    Wow this stuff is potent all it took was
    Like 2 hits off my bong and I was toast.
    Really good ratio as well!
    Would definitely recommend!!

  3. Jason Silver

    Sky high with these bad boys. Holy shit I found my new love.

  4. Frank S

    You’re not kidding when you say thc content is “too high” hahaha I was high all weekend

  5. dockpro1980 (verified owner)

    Got this as a freebie,gooood job….

  6. brandonsinclair444 (verified owner)

    Really great and can’t wait to get again

  7. masterdsa

    Got theses babes in bonus from 247 with my order
    Surprised oh yeah
    First time i try this
    Yes it great stuff , smooth to smoke and you feel like a deer before he gets hit by a pick up

  8. Greenice494 (verified owner)

    Awesome!!!! A little goes a long way!

  9. shanny.deroy89 (verified owner)

    Amazing quality! Great deal as well

  10. shanny.deroy89 (verified owner)

    Amazing quality! Great deal as well!
    The stickiness of it is the best!
    You won’t be dessapointed!

  11. joeylant (verified owner)

    like the buzz very gummy

  12. ladyofdarts (verified owner)

    moonrocks rock……all i have to say

  13. Chronic555 (verified owner)

    I grabbed this as a gift from an order and I was impressed, razor off a few small slices and put it on a bowl. Nice high, I would recommend these for sure!

  14. zeemorfly (verified owner)

    I keep ordering this as a gift.
    I tip my hat to who ever thought this up.

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